Being afraid of any interaction with the opposite sex; OR
Being sexually unresponsive, pokerfaced to his/her attempts to kiss/hug/have any interaction with you
He's so frigid.
She's so frigid.
by eden March 12, 2005
A "Frigid" is an Australian high school stereotype. Frigids are common in many private schools, but are spreading to public schools too. Frigids are essentially a cross between the American prep and hipsters. The term originated due to the straight edge nature of most frigids, ie while they like to party, they do not, as a general rule, drink, take drugs or have sex, hence the name "frigid".

While frigids do not engage in sex, they still do date. However, it is EXTREMELY rare for a frigid to date a non-frigid. Frigids love to party, but usually only invite other frigids to their parties. At schools where frigids form a majority, if you are not a frigid, you are essentially cut off from the social life of the school.

Frigids generally dress similarly to hipsters, skaters or preps. Girls usually sport dresses and cardigans from small, expensive boutique stores, while guys usually wear skinny jeans and sneakers.

Frigids' music taste varies. For guys, punk and techno tend to be the most popular genres, and for girls, current, chart pop and "alternative" type stuff are popular.
Guy 1: Are there many parties at your school?
Guy 2: Yeah, but the frigids run the place, so I don't get invited to anything.
Guy 1: Oh, that sucks.
by 10lo April 07, 2012
When a Female/Male will Not kiss Her/His Partner
Elisabeth Is So frigid, she wont even Kiss her Boyfriend!
by MC;) July 21, 2011
freak out when some one bumps your arm

totally awkward all around
thinks any touch (accidental or on purpose) is SO sexual
gets NO action
Conor: and when we're holding hands it's like having sex to me.
Kayla: boii! you so frigid!
by mandn123 April 29, 2010
not having sexual intercourse, or doing anything thing with a boy or girl
"eddie warton & shelbie ramsay is frigid, as he has only kissed a girl"
by shelbie ramsay June 24, 2008
To quote the mighty 10cc...

"Never been kissed before"
She is frigid.
He is frigid.
by johnl March 23, 2004
Uptight bastard who's never had a wank.
Tony Blair's a frigid dickhead
by Alex King August 02, 2003

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