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Being afraid of any interaction with the opposite sex; OR
Being sexually unresponsive, pokerfaced to his/her attempts to kiss/hug/have any interaction with you
He's so frigid.
She's so frigid.
by eden March 12, 2005
When a Female/Male will Not kiss Her/His Partner
Elisabeth Is So frigid, she wont even Kiss her Boyfriend!
by MC;) July 21, 2011
freak out when some one bumps your arm

totally awkward all around
thinks any touch (accidental or on purpose) is SO sexual
gets NO action
Conor: and when we're holding hands it's like having sex to me.
Kayla: boii! you so frigid!
by mandn123 April 29, 2010
not having sexual intercourse, or doing anything thing with a boy or girl
"eddie warton & shelbie ramsay is frigid, as he has only kissed a girl"
by shelbie ramsay June 24, 2008
To quote the mighty 10cc...

"Never been kissed before"
She is frigid.
He is frigid.
by johnl March 23, 2004
Uptight bastard who's never had a wank.
Tony Blair's a frigid dickhead
by Alex King August 02, 2003
super cool, awesome. something to describe a situation, place, person that is "uberly" cool or "tubular."
Dude, that show last night was frigid!
by lissy dissy 11 January 28, 2008