when one of your dude-friends likes to friend chicks instead of date them
Annmarie: Brad you are such a cool guy. Why are you so single?
Brad: Its because I am "friending" all the girls I meet.
by Honkey85382 January 16, 2007
Top Definition
The act of requesting someone to be your friend on facebook.com, in which they can accept or reject you. If they accept, you can look at their page, but if they reject, you cannot see their page.
Person1: Im "friending" Lisa on facebook right now, i hope she accepts!
Person2: Oh im going to "friend" her when i get home as well!
by parker02 June 26, 2007
the action of adding somebody as a friend for social networking sites or social community sites etc.
Someone's friending a lot of MySpace accounts to spam and get their ads make money.
by Lou Mark June 21, 2007
the action of going to a social event to make a new friend; like 'fishing', but for friends.
I went to Starbucks for coffee but ended up friending since there were so many cool peeps there.
by Matt Elkins March 22, 2006
Any practice which involves one friends action upon another friend. Can be a positive or negative action
Phillip was friending Christopher to the breaking point.
by Henry Savage May 02, 2011
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