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When you masturbate with or with your friends while talking about sexual scenes. When a guy frienderbates he masturbates with his friends while talking about girls he had sex with or girls he wants to have sex with. When a person calls a guy a "Frienderbater" the guy will find it offensive and kick you in the penis. If you tell that to a girl a girl will kick you in the vagina.
Tim: Hey Lucia what did you do yesterday? You didnt respond my text until 26 minutes. Lucia: oh. I was frienderbating with Ann and Nikki Tim: oh. o.o .. well i frienderbate too *lies*
by LOLlamaz_1 September 23, 2010
to masturbate while watching an unknowing friend sleep on the couch.
I don't care how drunk he is, you better give that mother fucker his keys before he frienderbates all up on your living room floor.
by sickbunny March 13, 2006