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Not quite a romance but more than just friends but without any benefits. Friends that like each other and are flirty but don't do anything about it.
Dude, I know you like her, it's so obvious you two like each other and you're wasting time having a friend-mance, just ask her out!
by Care1208 September 27, 2011
1. A cute relationship you have with a friend.

2. Friends who make each other happy.

3. Friends that act like homosexual lovers but are straight.
"Me and Abby have the best friendmance."
by sexgodmikey August 12, 2014
instead of a "bromance", between two boys, it's a "friendmance" between two girls.
Katy and Janice are best friends, they have this friendmance thing going on.
by daisyyyyyyyyy April 13, 2010