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An individual who friend requests anyone and everyone on Facebook, MySpace or any other online social networking site for no other reason than to have a huge friends list.
"Every time I log onto Facebook, I got another person I don't know friend requesting me. I'm so sick of these friend hos".
by RicanStruction September 14, 2009
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One who befriends and friend-requests as many people on MySpace as possible; one who engages in the act of friendhoarding.
Sandra has 328 friends and only knows 2 of them. What a friendho!
by musicguy March 14, 2007
When Someone Who Used To Actually Be Your Best Friend Blows You Off For more *Popular* People Who are Actually snobs
Lacey: I hope You Know Your My Best Friend !!!!!!
*The Next Day*
Me:Hey Girll!!!!!
Lacey:What's that like umm annoying sound in my ear Let's go.!
Me:Shes Such A friend ho.....:/
by Bored..Chickk............:D August 07, 2009

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