The friendzone is a terrifying place for young men, as it resides deep in Satan's ass crack. When a young man attempts a romantic/sexual relationship with a woman and is rejected due to her disinterest, he dramatically exclaims that he is in the friendzone. The woman insists that they are 'just friends' but the young man cannot comprehend, as the dating pool has always looked like an arcade to him, and women the machines that you insert kindness coins until sex or a relationship falls out.

Then the man blames the woman for his inability to land a date/girlfriend/someone to cradle his balls. 3 magical symbols appear, to guide him into the friendzone. First, his fedora descends from the heavens, embellished with naked ponies. Then, it starts raining Monster drink, and the man is soaked in the presence of excessive sugar and whining. Finally, he emits a warning call (most likely by trolling on Reddit) and finally the friendzone swallows him.

We are not sure what happens in the friendzone itself, but the faint echoes of "I'm a nice guy" can be heard all the way from the ass crack of Satan. It's truly a terrifying place, where one can lament about other women's shortcomings and call them "bitches, sluts and whores" when the whining just won't cut it.
Woman: "I think we should be friends."

Woman: "I'm just not interested in you."

by bronybasher69 June 03, 2014
The state of being denied relationship status because the other considers you a "Friend they don't want to lose". This more commonly affects men, as women get too into the friendship to consider the other in a sexual or romantic way. Men are more likely to stick it out and try and get into her pants and/or heart. Most women do it unconsciously, they like the person so much they don't want risk losing the friendship. They would also say they don't want to lose the friend as an attempt to soften the rejection.
James: "Hey I really like you, so do you want to go see a movie or something."
Mary: "I would really like that, except you're such a good friend that I can't think of you like that."
James: 'Inside of his head' "Damn, not the friend zone."
by TheJohnMonster June 18, 2012
A guy is great friends with a girl on many levels, save for anything intimate. Possibly the best 'zone' to be in, as a male.

The guy is privy to many a little known facts.

She'll give him a hug if he's down, not just because he got her flowers.

Emotional support is usually mutual, and beneficial.

Best part: You will never fight. As friends, one of you will say something silly or with innuendo, and it'll be back to normally conversation.
George: Bro, I'm so happy to be in the friendzone with Cathy.

Lucas: WTF man? That means you'll never date her or get shit!

George: Psh, I don't care. I can play games with her anytime, we joke all the time, never fight, and hang out so often!

Lucas: Man, you be tripping. If you aren't getting booty, you have no reason to be up in there.

George: Got it all wrong man, the Friendzone is the place to be.
by Alister Countel August 23, 2012
When a jerk with an overinflated sense of entitlement who thinks that respecting a woman gives him the right to make romantic or sexual demands of her gets his poor little feelings hurt because the woman he wants to date/romance/bone exercises HER right not to want to date/romance/bone him in return.
"You know, I thought John was a great guy until he started acting like I OWED him for being nice to me, and whined about how I'm an 'ungrateful bitch' because I put him in the 'friendzone.'"
by niceguysareamyth January 25, 2012
Hell on Earth were men, who have not tried to be aggressive to get a girl, go to to rot.
Child: Dad what's the friend zone?
Dad: Hell, its Hell
by StawHat May 09, 2014
An imaginary place where teenagers (commonly guys) believe to be placed in when a girl just wants to be friends with him. This is the place where guys are placed when the guy expects that he will have sex with a girl if he is nice to her. He is friendly to a woman in hopes that she will have sex with him. They believe that she mistakes his friendliness for friendliness and befriends him, neglecting to show you her vagina. Then they proceed to complain about it on the internet.
Scenario 1:
Guy: Held the door open for a girl, can't believe I didn't get a blowjob. She obviously friend zoned me.

Scenario 2:
Guy: What do you mean you aren't going to have sex with me?! I was being nice to you!! Wow, I can't believe you are putting me in the friend zone.
by Amora1234y67f August 30, 2013
noun: period marked by the feeling of disappointment, mutual awkwardness, sadness and/or recovery immediately following the romantic and/or sexual rejection by a close friend.
(AKA: The brother/sister zone)

verb: romantically and/or sexually reject a close friend
noun: Damn... I thought for sure Suzie would reciprocate. I didn't expect to be put in the friend zone.

verb: I'd hate to friend zone Linda. She's is a nice girl, but I'm just not attracted to her at all.
by DannyPhantomZone September 11, 2012

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