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1. -noun.
The prolonged confinement of a would-be 'friend' on a social networking website to a 'friend request' page. Results from never denying or accepting the prospective friend's offer to become friends. Often appears when a member has forgotten the prospective friend from some previous experience, or a member has never met the prospective friend, resulting in a dilemma for the member, who does not want to accept the friend, but wants to avoid hurting the friend by rejecting them.
NOTE: 'Friend limbo' cannot be modified by a possessive pronoun; one cannot be 'stuck in his friend limbo' or 'be keeping many people in one's friend limbo.' Friend limbo is non-specific, like 'Davy Jones' Locker.' Just as one cannot be stuck in someone's Davy Jones' Locker, one cannot be stuck in someone's friend limbo.

2. -verb.
To put or leave someone in friend limbo.
Damn, Jebediah, don't you remember me? We were roommates three years ago, but you haven't 'friended' me - I'm still stuck in friend limbo!
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