Comparable to metal fatigue, friend fatigue is a condition contracted by an individual from a self-centered friend as a result of that friend's endlessly repeated tales of misfortune, failure, unhappiness, or success, achievement etc. Freeloaders, depressives and comedians (people who have to make everything a joke)
are character types that are often carriers of this social virus. A person who contracts FF often will usually end up avoiding the carrier. Ironically FF carriers are immune to FF.
For 20 years now Caroline/George has had a series of disastrous love affairs. 5 minutes ago he/she called and already I am being subjected to the latest sad episode of misplaced trust, betrayal, and consequent anguish. I feel my head beginning to tighten and an urgent need to cut off the call. For Caroline/George I no longer feel anything, least of all sympathy. I am in an advanced state of "Friend Fatigue".
by Gilssement June 10, 2009

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