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When two people have a cross between a friendship and a relationship; a highly co-dependent bond between two people that sometimes involves sexual tension.
Person #1: You guys have been friends for so long . You're perfect together.

Person #2: Yea, we're in a frielationship
by dani86947nj December 30, 2010
Friends with Benefits except with a more emotional meaning. When two people are very close friends and act like their in a relationship but do not label each other as "boyfriend and girlfriend".
friend: so are you guys official then?
you: no, we don't want to be in a relationship because we're scared of ruining the friendship. Its more than friends with benefits, we have more of an emotional investment for each other. Like a friendship/relationship.
friend: a Frielationship.
by bananas3012 November 26, 2013
An affiliation with someone that transcends the standard norms that define a friendship. This word may be used to describe what may become a relationship between two people.
Neither one of us are ready to call the other girlfriend or boyfriend yet we engage in practices that may classify us as such, therefore we must be in a frielationship!
by Narkland July 24, 2010

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