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An unintentional intimate or sexual moment with a close friend.
Lara: OMG, Becky, he turned to say something and ended up kssing my ear.

Becky: What a friday moment.
That moment on Friday when you suddenly realize it's Friday.
Joe: "Yo, can you come hang out tonight?"
Shmoe: "Naw, I have to go to bed soon so I can get up in the morning..."
Shmoe: "Oh wait, it's Friday! Fuck yeah!"
Joe: "Well you just had your Friday moment."
by opalhat August 22, 2014
That split-second in which you realize whatever you or your friend is attempting is going to fail. In a hilarious fashion.

Originally comes from "This Is Going to Fail", abbreviated T.I.G.F. This, of course, is similar to Thank God It's Friday. Eventually, these inevitable instants were shortened to Friday Moments.
I had a total friday moment right before Michael tried to dive into the hot tub.
by PostGate86 August 19, 2010
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