When a girl gets to college, and all she wants to do is get drunk and have sex with random guys. Usually she breaks up with her long-term boyfriend, so she can go out and do these things with no remorse.
She partied all weekend, and slept with two different guys. Man that girl has freshman syndrome like crazy!
by Johnnyknox07 March 21, 2010
Top Definition
Freshman in high school who still act like they're in middle school. Generally, people with freshman syndrome are female but it is not unheard of for a male to have freshman syndrome. Symptoms include: spreading rumors, acting immature, telling lies, and making life difficult for other freshman. Many of these people have nothing better to do so enjoy making other people's lives harder than they should be.
Kara's freshman syndrome was apparent when she posted a myspace bulletin about how stupid it was that Chloe can speak for what she believes in.
by rachilah December 11, 2007
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