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1. An up and coming clothing company that will revolutionize the industry while mocking the other major clothing outlets of today's material world.
2. A pairing of words that one cannot say many times, really fast. And if you can, you're not doing it fast enough.
3. Fresh Threads is about unity, and not conformity.
1. Whether you shop at Abercrombie, Hot Topic, or GoodWill: Fresh Threads is for you.
2. We "don't discriminate, we regulate every shade of that ass." as some dead rapper once said.
by Nathan Hess April 14, 2004
the hottest new clothing co. that nobody knows about yet.
it's all about the Reversibles baby.
that girl wearing Fresh Threads is hot.
dude, did you see the new Reversibles that Fresh Threads is coming out with? those are hot.
by Mark Manley May 21, 2004
A clothing company my ex-boyfriend started that, sad to say, has really really cute clothes.
He always had great ideas.
Hi Nathan! How's it going? You should call every once in a while. And hey, is yours now? I remember you said you registered the name doesn't look like a site you would make.
Anywho, wirte back soon. I miss you.
Kisses, Kelly.
I have the absolute cutest shirt that Nathan handmade me. Its white with a ripped collar that hangs over my shoulder with black letering on my tits that says Fresh Threads with Nathan's smiley face in the middle. And on the other side is a personal drawing that I can't even show my mom or wear to school, but its hilarious!
Call me. Love, Kelly.
by Kelly K May 21, 2004
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