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(from the Kevin Pereiran word Frenchpressin')

French Pressing (Fruh-inch prez-ing)
- verb
1. The act of dropping your beans on the upper lip of your partner.

2. To place your legumes vicariously upon the crest of your partners mouth-hole.

3. The tender sexual act of the male resting his scrotal satchel upon his partner's lip.
To Press your partner; Frenchly.
Often mistaken for the term french press.
"Yeah, I French Pressed the hell outta my ol' lady last night"
"That guy is a serious French Presser"
"So, can I French Press you tonight sweet heart?"
"My beans were damaged while attempting my French Pressing of your mother"
by DoctorChops February 08, 2010
A yet unknown sexual practice coined by Kevin Pereira of Attack of the Show fame that somehow involves coffee.
Kevin: Why do they sell coffee at the Hustler store?
Olivia: You don't wanna know, it ain't for drinkin'...
Kevin: I get it.
Olivia: ... What's it for, then?
Kevin: French Pressing? Could be a move, I dunno, Urban Dictionary it. I'll add it tonight.
Too slow, motherfucker.
by ToriRose February 08, 2010
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