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The accidental male to male contact which happens during double penetration
"Dude, what just happened there"
"I don't know man all I know is that we were fucking the shit out of her and we got locked into a French Handshake"
"I'm going to have to scrub my nuts for an hour after you did that bag work on me"
"I'm not worried about that so much as the eye contact...Bro never make eye contact!!!!
by samweis July 08, 2010
9 4
An act of shaking someone's hand with the right hand and squeezing their balls with the left
The French are always fond of giving a French handshake to the United States
by David Tsal November 20, 2004
44 21
the act of anal sex
In addition to a reach around, Gay Pablo instructed Queer Raoul to give him a French handshake.
by OnE LoVe August 22, 2003
26 32