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An appendage that does not work properly due to a previous injury.
(Throws an orange to dude)
(Dude misses it)

Wow, you are sooo lame, Dude.

Heyyy, stop hatin'! That was my French arm! Remember? I broke it that game of football.

Ohhh yaaaa.
by Typical Teenager January 28, 2008
35 11
The phenomena of transferring a foul smell from the lower regions (balls, thighs and/ or ass sweat) to ones forearm during the act of wiping. AKA- Arab Wristwatch, Turkish Glove, or Cleavland Handshake.
As John leaned forward and shook my hand I could smell a foul stench- he had a French Arm!
by billydotis May 07, 2009
5 3