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freestyle snowboarding is split up into three main subcatagorys.

Park - hitting kickers and wedges to get air and land spins and grabs. Can be pretty painfull without protection.

Pipe - Been in the media a lot due to Olympics. Involves riding up the two walls of a half pipe landing grabs and spins. ussually sheet ice due to use it recieves resulting in very painfull slams.

jibbing - one of the coolest types of freestlye snowboarding. involves hitting rails, boxes, picnic benches, fences, walls and even cars. anything with a surface can prupose a great jib.
Rider 1 - I bget you cant land a rodeo 720
Rider 2 - Bet i can

Rider 1 - This sucks and really hurts when you hang up
Rider 2 - Hell yer

Rider 1 - Whoa that handrail could be one amazing photo opp
Rider 2 - Hell yer

Freestyle snowboarding rules
by Jordan "muzzy" April 27, 2006
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