3.Burnt out town in Pennsylvania. Home to hicks and potheads.

2.Everyone gets along and no one ever fights.
when they argued and shoved eachother a few times, no one got hurt, because it was a FREEPORT fight.
by FirstClassTrash May 23, 2009
Known for L.L Beans. always thought of as preppy(south freeport) north freeport is the redneck part mainly because it is close to pownal. north freeport and south freeport thought of as two differnt towns who go to the same school.
wow you definatly know he is from north freeport.
by from freeport August 05, 2008
Town in northwest Illinois. Totally craptastic. Home to a whole bunch of broke african americans. Home to a bunch of dilapitated Victorian mansions. Home to a whole slew of boarded up houses and garbage littering everywhere. Home to a Days Inn hotel that, while actively in use, looks like an apocalyptic ruin or other vacant abandonement. Freeport is a dump.
The bus goes through freeport on the way to Chi-Town. Don't get off in Freeport. It's not worth the pain.
by Aitlan Favafa April 21, 2005
A hick town in Maine, many wiggers live here.
youu got dat done there chevy 150 in freeport?
by ben April 17, 2005

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