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pl. Free·groes
1. Free negro
2. Member of the Negroid race that escaped, was manumitted, or liberated by a marauding Yankee Army at the behest of abolitionist fanatics -OR- a descendant in whole or in part of one or all of the aforementioned populations.
Hey, why is your last-name Freedman?

"I'm descended from Freegroes and your question is racist. You voted for Obama, right? Even though he's most certainly not a Freegro like I am it's very important whether or not you voted for him."

Your last-name should be uppity Nigger.
by Domador December 24, 2012
Black people who want everything for free.
They must be a freegro since they're supporting the liberal movement, which is looking for handouts/bailouts for everyone.
by GiftOf September 07, 2009
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