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When you realise you're never going to sell any of your shit on ebay and you're reduced to giving it away
Stewie: Set 5 hours aside to sell my barry manilow record collection today, but my internet is down! Oh no!
Brian: Dude- you couldn't even FREEBAY that shit

Peter: I've beeen admiring your hairpiece all morning, it looks so authentic .....
Joe: I've decided to embrace my baldness, gonna sell this on Ebay
Peter: nah, how bout I freebay it off your hands right now dude?
by Fashfan September 02, 2010
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(Also pronounced freebie) A word uttered by an essex girl when one of her regular customers has earnt a 'free ride' on the 'horse'.
"ohmygoddd!larst tyme was lyk-the 100th tyme uv paid for ma services lyk, ohmygodd lyk u deserve a freebay like...."
by freekay March 02, 2008
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a person who sifts through products on e-bay but does not buy anything.
he cant afford anything on e-bay hes just a free-bay.
by qwed November 18, 2012
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