The female equivalent of freeballing. Wearing no underwear.
James: Did you get your underwear off of my floor before you left?

Amy: No, I couldn't find them, so I'm freeflapping.
by bitcheslovebenbruce January 04, 2012
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when a girl doesn't wear underwear
She's free flapping, while Todd there is free balling.
by Gerger March 20, 2006
When a woman goes out without underwear. The female equivalent of free balling.
Trish ain't got no panties on. She free flapping!
by camocap May 20, 2009
To not wear any underwear. The female equivalent of freeballing.
"I am not wearing any underwear today, I'm freeballing".
"Oh, so you are free-flapping?"
"Being a female, I suppose I am!"
by Wonthaggi February 23, 2014

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