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Free Speech Urban Dictionary is a true look at how "CREATIVE SLANG" evolves!

I see a lot of people taking this site WAY TOO Seriously! So what the fuck is your problem? If you want serious, go to Websters for definitions!

This site is BOTH informative and FUN!!!! get it? FUN!!! ... its simple.

If for no other reason this site provides good entertainment for people who like to talk about Sex, Race, whatever!!! its free speech! something that is disappearing fast in our country.

Also "SLANG" has no right or wrong definition,(ya stupid ass haters!) So if its slang and any you want to post it! FUCK IT!!! post it, just to piss them off!

And to the HATERS! go ahead, give definition a thumbs down!
it just proves my point! You say you hate this site, but you read this far down in order to give it a thumbs down, That makes you a DUMB FUCK! ... Congratulations!

So to the the haters of Urban Dictionary I say ... FUCK YOU! it's my right to say it, If you don't like it, don't fucking come back! (...Free Speech Rocks!) use it or loose it!!!!!
"Define Your Word" and defend "FREE SPEECH Urban Dictionary" (And NEVER let anyone ever tell you what you can and cant say!)
by Get real, Ya All!!! May 20, 2008
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