A mentally retarded teenager running around in a field of grass. Thus making him a loner.
Man, that kid is such a free ranger!
by Dr. H. Ford November 08, 2011
Top Definition
A parent who believes their child(ren) is (are) capable of intelligent thought enough to (one or more) 1. reasonably and safely travel, unsupervised, from point A to point B, 2. Play unsupervised for an unspecified period of time with parental worry. 3. Resolve their own problems without resorting to tattle-tailing, snitching, and possibly getting into and out of trouble without a real hitch. They give their children Free-Range by both loving them, but emotionally letting go of their own need to succeed as a parent as it could be tied to the happiness and success of their children.
Mary and Elizabeth are Free-Rangers. They don't meddle in their kids' playtime by being a playmate or falsely buoy them in their accomplishments by giving them a certificate of participation.
by Bloggernaut April 15, 2015
1. n. The lowest ranging staff member of Pokemon Zeo's forums, below Mods and Admins. Their primary job is to welcome new members to the forums (forming a valuable anti-anti-noob system), but they also assist in moderator functions, keeping order in the forums. Some people like to think Free Rangers are mindless tools of the administration.

2. (Free Range)v. Doing Free Ranger work.
"Dane was the most Free Ranging(2) Free Ranger(1) ever."
by andylightkai January 12, 2004
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