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A high school located in downtown frederick MD. In recent years it has become know for its poor performance in academics and sports (not including the '09 baseball team). Frederick high is thought of as a fairly ghetto school due to the deteriorating facilities. a study done through the "High Flier" concluded that 85% of seniors have smoked weed. Teachers at frederick high include Linda Borring, Mr. Engelstatter, Mrs. Mujeeb, and Mrs. Kapustin.

All of this said... Frederick high is a more diverse and fun learning environment than an other school in the county. We are the shit.
Urbana kid: Dude we crushed frederick high in wrestling last week.

Frederick kid: That may be true, but you go to school with a bunch of prick ass rich white kids. fuck you urbana. Frederick high wrestlers are the coolest.
by t0m2012 February 17, 2010
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