The cutest, sweetest, funniest guy in the whole world!! Usually crushed on by many people. If he starts dating your bff, don't worry, it is just a phase. He is also EXTREMELY HOT!!!!!!
Would you like to go out tonight Sierra?

No, sorry, I am going out with Marc, he is a mega Freddy!
by Emazing1234 January 21, 2012
Freddy is slang term for Yaba speed pill - drug popular in SA asia.

It derives its name from Fred Flintstone saying yabba dabba doo. Thus taking the name of the creator of the word Yaba and using it instead because saying Yaba is very dangerous and taboo. It makes it far easier to talk about in public and around asians.
Do you wanna go back to your room and smoke some freddy?

You got any freddy on you? wanna go and do it in the toilet?

Looks at him he's got freddy eyes..haha Come to freddy eyes.
by bluku88 November 20, 2012
1. Slang for douchebag or idiot; someone who is indecisive.

2. A sweet, sexy, freakishly tall, dark haired, gorgeous, freak who's main goal in life is to lead on girls and break their hearts and has an unusual, queer fettish for hats or beanies.
1) Girl1: Wow, he just called me a disgutingly hideous and obese platypus.
Girl2: Seriously? Dude, he called me a repulsive cactus the other day.
Girl1: OMG, what a Freddy!

2)Girl1: What's wrong, why are you crying?
Girl2: Nothing..
Girl1: Was it a Freddy who made you cry?
Girl2: Yes it was ..
by Blubberbutt69 March 09, 2012
nipples which are erect's cold...i've got some major freddies
by badasss_c October 03, 2005
Is a black kid that has major swag and all the girls like him, but at the same time he is a very good boyfriend, plus a great kisser. He likes girls that are athletic but a girly girl at the same time, and she has to have a beautiful smile and eyes (like hazel or brown). But she has to be smaller than him because it makes him feel tall
Freddy and ___ are so cute together. He treats her so nice, and their inside jokes are so cute.... I wish I had a boyfriend like Freddy
by Johanna Lee January 10, 2012
He is an ASSHOLE.
He goes around telling girls he loves them when he really doesn't. he's is not sweet at ALL. he's rude perverted. and likes every girls picture on facebook.
He will never have a girlfriend, an actual one.
"Silly her, she fell for a Freddy."

"Freddy is such an asshole."

"I would never date a freddy."

"Fuck You freddy."
by shaniqua bonquiqui September 23, 2012
Hot black guy with big black penis.
Terry Crews is so Freddy
by Wageena February 04, 2010

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