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derived from two words;'Freda' and 'licious':

'freda' - A beautiful maiden who possesses charm, grace, intelligence, and personality more than any other; -also: being in a state of free aura and centered chi.

'licious' - done very well almost excessively so; the best; the most tasty; with great prowess.
the fictional, non-existent, word "chairdrobe" made it on urban dictionary, why can't 'fredalicious' ?
Fredalicious is an actual word rather than a definition that is just made into a word that is fictional and non-existent.

Oh wait, urban dictionary has never heard of 'fredalicious', so it can't be a word, because urban dictionary knows every word from every region. Like duh?! Isn't that the whole point of submitted Urban Words here, so that everyone can know what they mean where-ever they are, rather only words that you will only hear in butt-fuck America?

Marilyn Monroe is ' fredalicious ' .

Oh god, she is so oomph, she makes me feel excited and emptied, as if my being was drawn right out of me to her; that's ' fredalicious ' !
by thegabriel August 08, 2008
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