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A man who is best described as a half-frog, half-weasel. Someone who has made such incredibly shitty choices either in a relationship or just life in general that he is to be held in incredibly low regards.
A freasel is often a rather small man who shys away from any true confrontation. Outwardly shy and inwardly rancid, the freasel is often greasy and smell of rotting food stuffs.
A rather filthy boyfriend who refuses to shower when going out is a freasel.
by Chazigans December 28, 2012
What you call "friend" of yours that fucks on your old girlfriend or boyfriend the moment you break up with them.
Hey John! I heard your old lady banged your buddy Tom last night! Didn't you two just break up yesterday? Man, what a Freasel!
by Purrelli August 20, 2011
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