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A totally indefensible phrase that completely blows any situation out of proportion and lets the user off completely guilt free. Usually used by adolescents to parents.
Danny, could you please take the garbage and recycling out to the curb like I asked you earlier (meaning 5 times)?”

“Uhhgggg… QUIT FREAKIN' OUT!! I said I’d do it and you keep freakin’ out about it!”
by DiabeticDan October 08, 2009
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payoutused to describe the state of a diabetic as their blood sugar level becomes too lowhypoglycaemia. As often friends of a diabetic will notice this reaction before they do,sudden slurring of speech, acting drunk, strange behaviour, bad temper, talking loud, etc.
Or anyone acting strange.
the wordsfreakin outare said loud and are streached ie. frreeeekin aaaaaat!!!!
"look at *****, he's FREAKIN OUT"
"***** are you FREAKIN OUT"
by bird1969 November 02, 2005
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