verb, noun. 1. to throw a major tantrum, usually unjustified. To spazz out in anger without violence, but with verbal aggression. 2. someone who is "freakhogging" can also be referred to as a "freakhog".
Dad, don't freakhog on me. I apologize; my father is being a freakhog.
by Serena Watanabe May 07, 2007
Top Definition
A woman who is incredibly unappealing to the eye, yet is driven to hit on every man with whom she comes in contact.
Snooki is such a freakhog.
by prestellad October 15, 2010
Perhaps the finest word ever invented by a cell phone. While trying to write freaking on my phone in its t9word mode, I was blessed with this fine nugget. There were no options, just freakhog.
Sorry I didn't call you earlier, I've been so freakhog busy.
by Lou T Fisk December 12, 2006
An exclamation used to describe a person, place, idea, or thing whose insanity can parallel that of a berserk boar in the wild.
Somebody twerks. "That's so freakhog!"
by Mushroom Whale October 10, 2013
created by text-predict on cell phone
noun: to be a crazy freaky freak (in a good, but naughty, way). Someone who likes to have freaky kinds of fun.
That girl, she's a crazy freakhog. Let's invite her to our next party!
by freakhogsexyslut January 11, 2010
Someone whom is beyond awesome, as though they stand out of t he crowd
The man in the centre of the party is a freakhog, he's just hogging all the freak
by jungle pony 4 August 24, 2011
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