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Someone who unnecessarily freaks out about anything school related, such as tests, quizzes, or assignments. Symptoms are especially worse in competitive college programs that are difficult to get into, but can also appear in less competitive programs, albeit, not as frequently.

Also appears to spread like wild fire among other freaker outers. As one freaker outer gets freaked out for no real reason, the effect spreads exponentially through the freaker outer crowd until it hits critical mass and the professor has to yell and calm down the freaker outers.
OMG, I can't submit the quiz on blackboard and nobody else can either. What am I going to do?!!?? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???!? OMG, OMG, OMG!!

Wait, the correct answer isn't on here. OMG, OMG, OMG. There is no correct answer!! I can't get 1 question wrong. Why isn't there a correct answer??!??

People who freak out about classes at college orientation, at least 2-3 months before classes actually start.

Wait, there is no copy of that useless handout for me? WTF!! I'm going to the dean!! I need a copy of that handout or I'm going to fail out of school!!! You, over there, give me your copy!! (fight ensues)

Antonyms: unfreaker outer (not to be confused with slacker, but rather one that realizes that its okay if things don't always go perfectly)

Synonyms: spaz
by NurseM October 03, 2007
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