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A person (generally male), who, through a combination of genetic gifts and SERIOUS anabolic steroid abuse, has transcended bodybuilding entirely and is now on a new plane of existence. An entire section of the gym is set aside for this individual, who leaves his domain only to scare off lesser mortals and to eat concrete on jaw day.

He's Animal Planet. If you look carefully you can see the three inch hairs growing out of his back and the hooves that have replaced his feet. He goes to the veterinarian instead of the doctor.

To put it simply, this man exists to be big.
Sean: Look at the size of that asshole.

Jack: He's a goddam freak beast. Let's give him a wide birth, kay bruh?
#shredded #swol #jacked #muscular #bodybuilder
by SnarkInTheGrass April 08, 2014
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