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A short version of the word "Fresh." Often used by rappers to describe how nice they are.

Prononced like Fresh, except when you say it you drop off the "SH" and add an "a". Therfore making it Frea'

It can also be use with a combanation of other words as well. (See Example)
Man this polo that I just bought is Frea'


I am 'Nice N Frea'
by Kanks80 August 10, 2007
ugliest fattest bitch u will ever meet in your life. she drives the ugliest tracker too, some gay green color. pretty much shes fatt n a watse of our precious oxygen n needs to die
freas said schmidt felt her up, but we all know no man w/ 1/20th a brain would touch her no matter how drunk
by LeROY SHOVEITUPMYASS March 22, 2004
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