Frating is the term for 'Dating with your Friends'

This can be speed dating, progessive dinner parties or any other form fr dating in a group, not by yourself.

Frating is less intimidating and far more fun than traditional dating ways of meeting people.
speeddating but with your friends is Frating
by ajarofjellybeans November 03, 2010
Top Definition
a. When a man and woman grow in graced friendship with the intention and possibility of Dating.
b. It is the Pre-Dating phase, when one is unsure what to call their relationship
c. Getting to know each other before Dating

Name is derived from FRiendship+dATING = FRATING
1. Joe and Mariam frated for couple of months before they started dating.

2. I am sorry I can't go out with you because Maggie and I are frating.

3. I am going on a frate night with Anna this friday night at the Lakeshore.

4. Sam and Delia frated for few weeks, but they realized it was not going to work out between them because he realized she was quite manipulative.
by Nappie D August 30, 2013
To frat. To engage in "fratty" activities. To do things that fraternity brothers do. i.e. Shotgunning beers, hooking up with tons of chicks, being generally awesome, wearing backwards hats, chilling on decks.
Note: this activity is often done by bros
Synonym: "Broing out"
Yo man, what are you doing tonight?
I'll be frating all day.
Great, Ill bring the Natty
by Jabojabo December 12, 2009
The term used to describe the relationship between two friends, who like each other MORE than friends, but aren't quite to the dating stage yet.

NOT friends with benefits.
"Hey, are those two dating?" -Lizzie

"Not yet. Right now they're just frating." -Justine
by lovebug101 May 11, 2010
friendly dating, with or with out benefits
We went on a frate last night, we are now frating.
by Jaysica October 06, 2008
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