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Term for any guy without enough personality or balls to get through college on his own. Always has tiny penis and tries to compensate in every way. Attracted to sorority sluts that lack same character traits: confidence, self-worth, etc.
Typical behavior involves fucking every sorority slut that will let them, drinking small amounts of alcohol and lying that they drank way more, having a small penis and saying its much larger, having a secret handshake that must involve them licking their Frat FAG brothers balls, and acting like an inmature, reckless douche bag all through school.
by Intelligent/decent January 14, 2011
Fratfag has various definitions depending on usage:

<i>n.</i>: Self-explanatory; it's a fraternity member who is gay (yes, they exist).

<i>adj.</i>: The (usually unintentional) melding of fraternity culture with something blatantly homosexual.
The sentence, "Dude, you're like, electric on the dance floor," could be an example of fratfag speech: the patois of fraternity speech makes any possible innuendo blatantly obvious to the listener. Note that delivery and dialect play a role; it's the equivalent of a sibilant lisp. Also to be noticed is that fratfag activities (sometimes called fratfaggery) increases exponentially with BAC percentages.

"Mike is a total fratfag; the Kappa Taus are cool with it as long as he doesn't make grossed-out faces during the coed volleyball game."

"Nah man, I didn't mean I 'love' you in a fratfag way."
by RagtagOp November 11, 2007
a fraternity guy that does is really gay things and probably is gay
did u see those frat fags jack off on a bagel?
by hellafuckinfratfags February 07, 2010
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