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hook up with 3 guys from the same fam in a frat (aka little bro, big bro and big-big bro). Like a hat trick, but with bros.
"hooked up with Chad, his big bro, and his big bro's big bro. finally accomplished the frat trick"
"Congrats! mad respect girl."
by ellebeeeee September 15, 2011
Hooking up with three different women in one night.
Dude, I pulled off a frat trick at that party last night. It was dirty.
by meachswag May 29, 2011
To successfully sleep with three different women in one weekend. This usually tends to happen in a college environment. It is a feat among men and a staple to the 'frat star' lifestyle.
Bro, I just slayed my third LG on Saturday night. Score another 'Frat Trick' for Gamma Alpha Upsilon, bro.
by Magikarp Warthog May 29, 2011
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