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The condition in which a male develops an unsatiable appetite for smart-looking clothes, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, eating out, and hookers. The individual may also spend large amounts of cash entertaining friends and family and will never show up somewhere empty-handed. Furthermore, the individual will have a very well-mannered, cavalier and care-free attitude, however, if anyone interferes with his lifestyle or family and friends he will go into Mafia-schizo-psychosis and is extremely dangerous, i.e. may threaten individuals lives, be seen screaming on the phone, might be huddled whispering to friends, or perhaps consume large amounts of alcohol and gamble dangerous levels of income.
(1)"Hey what's up man?! Where's your brother at? He just got out of the Marines after 2 tours in Iraq, right?"

"Yeah, he's back, but he's developed major Frank Sinatra Complex you should hit him up if you want to party"

(2) If you speak to an individual about their plans and they say, "Well, I'm going out with Gina to dinner than drinks...afterwards I'm going with the guys to Atlantic City because I have a comped room and were gonna gamble, drink, and bang hookers all damn night (exhales smoke from a Camel cigarette, sips a Belvedere-double, and smiles)" - he may have acute Frank Sinatra Complex
by RAYBCK January 06, 2011
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