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As seen on the Viral video channel "BarelyPolitical" He is a rude, yet charming puppet of a grey wolf, and has appeared in multiple videos after his first video which can still be seen On Youtube, even though it is seemed more people admire other characters, Frank is a favorite, and he should be yours too, he is known for multiple hilarious acts in the videos such as "sexually harrasing a new intern" in the videao "Puppet Harassment" to beating the tar out of Todd in "Puppet Deathmatch" and is known for the word "Diekhoulder" which was defined by a fellow fan of the series (go look it up, Diekhoulders)
Frank: *GASP* You, Diekhoulder!

You seen that new video Barelypoltical made i head it had Frank in it
Frank read fanmail

My favorite character is Frank (Puppet)
by A simple Frank Fan June 14, 2011
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