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A term of endearment which describes a loving and nurturing non-biologically related woman who makes efforts to become identified as playing a grandmotherly role in a child's life. Because she is a friend, and non-biological, the "g" in "grandma" is replaced with the letter "f" as in the word "friend".

This term is typically used when other designations such as "ex-step grandma", "godmother" "nanny", etc. are not accurately appointed.

For instance:Christina had a very special female mentor and friend during her teenage years, who helped her get through the death of her mother. When Christina had her own child, her mentor became Christina's child's Frandma.
Mother says to daughter: "Sally, get your shoes on. Your Frandma is coming to take you out for ice cream!"

Frandpa may be used for a male.

Frand-daughter or Frand-son may be used for the children.
by A Frandma June 17, 2011
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