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A person obsessed with everything French. Especially wine, champagne, art, food, and the French language.
That francophile never shuts up about his $800 bottles of French champagne!
by zen October 05, 2004
a person who has a strong positive predisposition or interest in James Franco.
James Franco; actor, film director/screenwriter, short story author, and painter; is truly a Renaissance man for the 21st century.
She's seen every James Franco film, read his book and went to LA to see his art exhibit; she's either a Francophile or a stalker.
by leprechaunbaby February 26, 2011
A non-francophone (ie someone who doesn't speak french as a first language) who truly loves and appreciates all things french.
friend 1: Did you hear about Brittany? She lost her virginity to a parisian
friend 2: yeah she's a true francophile
by bittydit July 11, 2005