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When a webpage hijacks another webpage by loading it in an HTML frame with a small "bar" at the top of the page.
Framejacking: and are two URL shorteners which framejack other webpages. The linked-to webpage is on the domain, with a small toolbar at the top.
by wpz19 August 30, 2011
4 1
Editing a person's digital picture frame to include a picture of oneself, or inserting a lewd, disgusting, or pornographic picture into the shuffle of said frame.

Any attempt at changing a friend's (or enemy's) home screen or profile picture to a different picture--usually something pornographic, lewd, or disgusting.
John went around framejacking his friends' digital picture frames. Now after their tea party pictures, there are pictures of two guys snowballing.
by urban framejacker February 14, 2011
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