Facebook Dramatic.

A tendency to be dramatic that can be enhanced by the drama queen's presence on facebook- or a tendency to become a drama queen when on facebook or another social networking site.
Person 1: Hey did you see Bobetta's facebook status? Kind of attention seeking...

Person 2: Yeah sometimes Bobetta can be really framatic.


(in fb chat)
Person 1: I've got to go now, got class in an hour


Person 1: -.- Stop being so framatic...
by mishadisha May 01, 2011
Top Definition
Fucking + Dramatic

A typo that was made in a chat room which was then covered up to avoid looking dumb by passing it off as slang. As far as I know of, this isn't an actual slang word unless you yourself want it to become one.
Steve: "Damn, those London riots were FRAMATIC!"
Joe: "Your mom's framatic....in bed."
Steve: "....Douche...."
by yersoodoanim August 15, 2011
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