Originated from the word faggot it means the same just different sounding
See him, he's such a fragget
by darktype22shlong October 31, 2012
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A New England frat brother. The most vile, repulsive, dick-headed person humanity has to offer. Known for buying his friends and hitting on passed out guys.
Fragget: "Come join our brotherhood!"
Brett: "Not on your life, fragget."
by The Dutch Sauce April 20, 2009
Frat Faggets...--Those guys in frats that always wear their greek letters and short shorts. In bars, they always stick together and talk more to each other than girls.
That dude is a fragget.
by dirtydiveley February 04, 2011
One who obsessively uses frag grenades in Halo 2 or Halo 3.
"I would have won in team slayer if he wouldn't have been such a Fragget!"
by Myelz February 17, 2008

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