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A series of short clips recorded on a computer or console displaying frags (kills) that are fun to watch often edited together to fit with some music for additional viewing pleasure. Fragmovie is also known as a montage.
Dude! Have you checked out the new fragmovie from TEK-9 ?!
by YOUR_HAMSTER June 18, 2013
A movie consisting of mainly of hardcore Search and Destroy games where the person playing will go on a streak and get tricky kills (these movies are usually in the COD series of games and usually on the PC platform) some of these movies will have clips from promod lobbies, these also have really well done editing and that is the main focus the editing and the clips
person 1:Yo did you see that new frag movie rapid paradox

Person 2:Yeah but most of the clips were from promod lobbies and hardcore SnD
by HappyMatt96 June 16, 2010
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