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A fail at every conceivable level of resolution. Zooming in on any part of the fail reveals just as much fail as the entity of the whole.

Fractal fail comes after quantum fail, but before universal fail.
by Pyroclasm32 October 22, 2008
A fail that causes a fail that causes a fail. A fail within a fail within a fail. In short, a self-similar, self replicating and non-terminating fail.
John and Bob walk out of geometry class.
John (to Bob): ...and it was like FAIL!
random person: (accidentally bumps into John) I'm sorry!
Bob: O.o
John: I...wasnt saying that to you...
random person: ....wait, what?
bob: fail
John: lol, I didnt even notice they bumped into me!
bob: and you said fail at the same time xD
John: and they thought I said fail to them
bob: yeah, and it was like...FAIL
john: lol, yeah, a fail within a fail!
(random person walks off)
Bob: yeah, but Im pretty sure that they didnt hear you say fail...
John: really? another fail...
Bob: fail...
(and so on...)
Another geometry student: it's a fractal fail!
by Pandarius March 25, 2011