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FrY Time is the technique of looking at a clock, guessing your next string of actions will fit into a 20 minute window and executing said actions roughly 30 minutes before a set deadline in hopes of having 10 minutes to spare, when in realiity the string of actions could possibly take a minimal of 90 minutes to complete, resulting in scheduled completion of tasks being atleast an hour behind estimation.
Chloe said she would be picking me up in 15 minutes, ofcourse that's after she showers, does the dishes, mops the floor, makes a sammich and get's dressed. So I'm guessing she meant 15 minutes in FrY Time.

"Hey bro, I have some errands to run, we should be good to go in about 10 minutes, FrY Time."

"The doctor expects my wife will only be in labor for an hour, my wife seems hopeful but I'm guessing the doctor was using FrY Time."

"When is the bus getting here? The driver must be operating on FrY Time."

"Every time I'm late for work I tell them I'll be there in 5 minutes, I wonder if they figured out I've been using FrY Time?"
by ZillaThePun August 31, 2013
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