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Friman actually has a lot of background, it comes from the englo-saxo word fryingman, some might connect this to burningman but that is just stupid.
When people began using this as a name there was a regular confusing about wether the person was Frying something or not.
In Iceland this name caught a lot of attention because it meant the person was either enjoying some free time, he was open for a ball posession in sports and he was free for a relationship for both sexes.
Prison Guard says:"Hey John" - "I see your getting out soon so you´ll be a regular free-man"

Paul shouts at his friend: "Hey I´m free" the friend shouts back: "You´re also a man...wich makes you Free-man"

Mike: "Hey can you talk to the Frying-man again my hamburger is cold"

Hlynur: Frímann afhverju ertu sonna mikill player, útaf ég ég er Frír fyrir bæði konur og karla (wink) (notar puttana til þess að skjóta)
by Hlynurawesome February 03, 2010