Coined by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, it is the air breathed in while watching Fox News. Part oxygen, part nitrogen, part misleading facts, half truths, and right out lies. Serious brain damage can be caused by inhaling it just one time. Irrational fear of non whites and government take over are side effects of breathing this. It is more harmful than cigarettes.
Bob: Why don't you want to go into the mall?
Bill: I think I breathed in too much foxygen earlier now I'm scared of those black people and I think everyone should own a gun and masturbate daily to Ronald Reagan.
by FoggyBreath May 19, 2011
"The heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage." Foxygen was coined by John Stewart on his Daily Show, May 12, 2011, as a neologism describing the kind of orchestrated disinformation that is continuously AIRed by FOX News.
"Jon Stewart again smacked Fox News for its fury over Common’s White House appearance, pointing out last night that only huffers of “Foxygen”—“the heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage” — would be bothered by the rapper’s performance."

Cite: j. mp/foxygen
by WarIsNotTheAnswer May 13, 2011
A heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage, huffed by pundits who don't interpret things the way people do.
At the poetry reading where Common was invited to the capital to deliver a message of people overcoming violence in their communities to achieve a more positive future, those news anchors whom had been reporting as though a rapper was appearing with the Obama's to shoot cops and destroy the Whitehouse, weren't breathing the same stuff as the rest of us. They had the Foxygen.
by daily viewer May 13, 2011
A band that is "literally psychedelic" with songs "Make it Known" & "San Francisco." Listening becomes highly addictive. France and Rado said in an interview that their name came from some chick who reserved the term "Foxygen" for cute guys. Their music is like going back in the time and into the future. You'll hear influences from The Doors & The Rolling Stones to name a few. Their live performances are like theater and will envelop you into a realm of unadulterated quirky maneuvers.
Foxygen is Mavis Staples telling you "l'll Take You There" and Jean Knight giving you the "Mr. Big Stuff" treatment while Mick & Jim are yelling in your ear.
by RunninDownADream October 25, 2013
What it metaphorically smells like when you walk into a room filled with babes. (Foxy Oxygen)
Guy 1: Do you see this place? It's filled with BABES
Guy 2: Yeah, dude. I smell the Foxygen in the air!
by Aligaterrr November 28, 2011
A heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination and manufactured outrage.
conservatives take in the news on fox news like its foxygen.
by lisawoj May 24, 2011
the heady mix of partisan hackery, character assassination, and manufactured outrage
The way he goes after Democrats, he must be huffing foxygen!
by meanjoseverde May 19, 2011

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