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Fox Racing gear is some of the top line protective gear for motocross. they sell gear from helmets, chest protectors, boots, goggles, and clothes.

Fox was known to be worn by people who rode dirt bikes and quads, but the company realized that there logo could be placed on almost any thing and they could make a couple bucks easy. so they started printing there logo on hats and t-shirts everywhere. but the problem with that was fags stared taking interest to the designs and started to wear the clothing
Travis: did you see that kid wipe out on the YZ-125

Zach: ya thank god for the fuckin Fox Racing helmet

Travis: No Shit if he wasn't wearing that helmet then is face would be in 2
by pissed off turkey October 14, 2010
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Clothes that pretty much all have the fox head or fox logo on them and are mostly worn by posers. Very few people that wear them are actually athletes (ride four wheelers, dirt bikes, surf, etc.) and are worn often by the skanks that go to motocross and cross country races and try to pick up guys by pretending that they actually know something about races and riding (obviously in the case of dirt bike and four wheeler races)
Person 1: Did you see Alex's new Fox Racing shirt
Person 2: Yea, I don't think the kid has rode a day in his life
by yamahnda1122 September 28, 2009
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