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When an individual masturbates multiple times at one sitting, then reveals this feat to their friends. "Four Times," is used by the individual's friends during a conversation with the "four timer" as a joke.
Derp 1: "Dude... How much magnification is that telescope?"
Derp 2: "I dunno, maybe four times?"
Derp 1: "What does that mean?"
Derp 2: (Silence)
by 5557677757 February 03, 2013
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Intercourse in which the man inserts his penis 4 times into the woman. This creates a very akward situation. 4 times is relatively unheard of condition. Researchers are still studying the cause of 4 times and the reason that it occurs after specifically 4 insertions.
Dude, I really hope Dillon doesn't four times that girl.
by 2fast4u101 January 08, 2010
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the general number of times a kid must masturbate before school
Mark masturbated four times before school today.
by Chuck Norris December 06, 2004
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