the general number of times a kid must masturbate before school
Mark masturbated four times before school today.
by Chuck Norris December 06, 2004
Top Definition
When an individual masturbates multiple times at one sitting, then reveals this feat to their friends. "Four Times," is used by the individual's friends during a conversation with the "four timer" as a joke.
Derp 1: "Dude... How much magnification is that telescope?"
Derp 2: "I dunno, maybe four times?"
Derp 1: "What does that mean?"
Derp 2: (Silence)
by 5557677757 February 03, 2013
Intercourse in which the man inserts his penis 4 times into the woman. This creates a very akward situation. 4 times is relatively unheard of condition. Researchers are still studying the cause of 4 times and the reason that it occurs after specifically 4 insertions.
Dude, I really hope Dillon doesn't four times that girl.
by 2fast4u101 January 08, 2010
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