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1) Length of a very small penis.

2) Average penis size of a 12 year old boy.
I heard Suzie bought a vibrator because her boyfriend only has four inches down there.
by Kurt91 June 17, 2004
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Something that is mediocre, but there's nothing you can do about it; when a person isn't happy with something but will be polite and accept it. The word originates from the idea that a four inch penis really isn't okay, but a normal partner's response in the moment would be a polite, "oh, it's four inches? That's fine." It's the only appropriate reaction when you've already hit the point of no return in a situation and there's no un-awkward way to back out of it.
"This date I'm on is four inches, it's fine." "The hookup situation I'm in is four inches, it's fine."
by JGal May 24, 2015
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a (typically high school) male who brags about their incredibly large appendage size, while actually only having a miniscule, or "four inch" penis.
"OMG! I was so shocked when I found out my bf was a four inch!"
by Pina_coladas&_rain April 04, 2006
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