German word for the lower back. Common in the middle rhine region, especially in and around cologne.
Au, mir tut die Fott vom Radfahren weh! (Ouch, my butt hurts from cycling)
by Nasenber September 27, 2006
Top Definition
"Fresh Off The Turd". A fart released when you really have to take a shit. Particularly unpleasant as it's been sitting right on top of a turtle head.
We were on our way to eat lunch and Patrick dropped a FOTT. The windshield fogged up and I gagged in my mouth twice before I could get the back window down to puke out of it.
by ChiefK October 22, 2008
a combination of fucking and hott. so basically fucking hott.
Jerry: omg do you see that guy
Terry: yeah he's fott
by meeesh December 17, 2007
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